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Area A

Air Force Disposal Site/Pesticide Operations Area
1970s - 1990s
Where: Western boundary of SSC near Buildings 2501 and 2502
What: Contaminated debris and pesticide operation waste
Contaminants: Organic compounds and dioxin
Status: Clean up remedy included source containment and a passive treatment wall, which was installed in two phases.  Installation was completed in 2002.  Monitoring includes a documented annual inspection of the site, and sampling and analyzing the groundwater from selected wells according to a plan approved by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  As a result of the 5-year Review by MDEQ in November 2007, this site was placed in post remediation phase for a period of 20 years beginning in August 2009 through 2029 to continue the degradation process for the remaining groundwater contaminates.  Dioxin is no longer listed as a contaminant of concern based on the 2007 MDEQ 5-year Review.  The analytical data is presented to the MDEQ on an annual basis.