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Area H

Energetic Materials Testing Facility
When: 1980 - 1991
Where: Northeastern portion of SSC near Building 9801
What: Testing of various explosives
Contaminants: Explosive compounds and perchlorate
Status: Remedial Investigation (RI), Feasibility Study (FS), and draft Proposed Plan (PP) have been completed.  A Fact Sheet that demonstrated various clean up alternatives from the FS and presented the preferred alternatives was made available for public review and comment from 08/15/2004 through in 09/15/2004, in lieu of holding a public information session.  The final PP indicates that the preferred treatment alternative is a groundwater pump and treat system.  There were no public comments to the preferred option; however clean up activities have been postponed since there are no current regulatory clean up standards for the site contaminants.  Meanwhile, SSC elected to review other innovative technologies and funding resources to initiate groundwater remediation efforts.  Limited removal of UXO materials in shallow soil along the eastern side of Mainline Road and the installation of fencing and signage along the eastern boundary was initiated and completed in the 2004 by NASA.  This site was not a part of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ) 5-year Review that was conducted in November 2007.  Only prior information is included in the quarterly reports to MDEQ.  The Department of Defense/U. S. Army who is listed as a Potentially Responsible Party for this site conducted a 5-year Review through a third party contractor, Earth Tech in January 2008.  Their main concern was to verify the effectiveness of the installed control measures.  Due to the pristine wetland plot at this 180 acre site it was placed into the SSC Special Area Mitigation Plan in December 2008 after collaboration with the U. S. Corps of Engineers/Vicksburg District.