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Area F
Fire Department Training Area
When: 1960s - 1970s
Where: Western boundary of SSC on the west side of Dean Road
What: Shallow burn pit was used for fire training exercises
Contaminants: Organic compounds
Status: Clean up remedy included soil removal and active groundwater pump and treat system, which was implemented in June 2004. Contaminated groundwater is extracted from the ground and transferred via underground piping to the system located at Area B/B2211. Monitoring includes sampling and analyzing water from the pump and treat unit and from selected wells according to a plan approved by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). As a result of the 5-year Review by the MDEQ in November 2007, one year was added to the active remediation phase that is through 2009 followed by post remediation (natural attenuation) in 2010 through 2012 to continue the degradation process for the remaining groundwater contaminates. The analytical data is presented to the MDEQ on an annual basis.