John C. Stennis Space Center Environmental Assurance Program ISO 14001
Public Notices
Organization Environmental Management Resource Management Waste Management Clean Up Chemical/Fuel Control
Waste Management Hazardous Waste Nonhazardous Waste Water Treatment Pollution Prevention & Recycling
Hyacinth Lagoon diagram
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Artificial Marsh System-
Development of this system was an outgrowth of NASA's Vascular Aquatic Plant Research Program
searching for applications in space (i.e., Space Station). The Artificial Marsh System uses a number
of vascular aquatic plants for degradation and removal of organic chemicals as well as heavy metals.
Rather than using a chlorinating system to kill bacteria before release to the environment, SSC
wastewater is passed under a bank of ultra-violet lights. This system has proven to be most effective
and this unique method of wastewater treatment places no chemical stress on the environment.