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Dan Goldin's Statement:

Environmental Excellence for the Twenty-First Century

Environmental Excellence is not a program nor can it be achieved through a policy statement. Environmental excellence is a way of life and must be ingrained as part of our culture. This strategic plan is an important first step to building global stewardship into everything NASA does. Whether it is designing and fabricating robotic spacecraft, launching shuttle, or conducting basic reseach, we must seek solutions which are environmently benign. NASA must be a leader in reducing the use of ozone-depleting substancesand continue to identify program and process revisions to reduce any adverse environmental impacts. Our Agencywide impact on the global environment must be able to withstand the scrutiny of community. No one person can do this alone, but working together, the entire NASA community --civil service and contractor alike-- can make the vision a reality.

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Curator - David Walters
Responsible NASA Official - Anne Peek